Version 5.2.4 (final)

  • New: The iClip website now supports secure connections via https.
  • New: The background (tint) color of the iClip window can now be individually set per Clipping Set. There is currently no option for this in the Preferences dialog, though. Instead, see these instructions.

Version 5.2.4b4

  • Fixed: If Recorder is the current set, Hot keys "Copy from current app to next bin" and "Fetch Clipboard into next available bin" as well as Hotkey-Paste's "+" and "=" keys insert the clip at the same end that the Recorder generally uses for recording new clips.
  • Fixed: Pop-Up Preview for Internet Address clips allowes editing now.
  • Fixed: Various small visual issues.
  • Fixed: The iClip Events script has been updated on the website, fixing an error that occured when a Smart Search Set was active during the recording of a new clipping.

Version 5.2.4b3

  • Fixed: No more corrupted databases after iClip crashed.

Version 5.2.4b2

  • Fixed: Does not crash any more after days or weeks of use if iClip is never quit.
  • Fixed: When using the "Automatically download and install updates in the future"" option, new updates will be properly shown when available.

Version 5.2.4b1

  • Fixed: Automatic window hiding does not get stuck when switching Clipping Sets.
  • Improved: Supports application ID exchange with other clipboard tools (see, "org.nspasteboard.source").
  • Changed: (Internal) New Clippings databases use FTS3 instead of FTS4.