Version 5.2.3b10 and final 5.2.3

  • New: An Action Script for pasting the path(s) of a File Alias clipping.
  • New: Pop-Up Preview windows can now be closed with the Esc key.
  • Fixed: The "Switch to clip set…" hot key makes the menu always appear at the usual position.
  • Improved: The new shortcuts have been added to the Help.

Version 5.2.3b9

  • New: Opening a damaged database now offers the option to open it read-only or attempt to repair it.
  • Improved: Hot Key Copy & Paste:
    • Pressing the delete key preserves the currently selected bin.
    • Pressing the space bar shows the bin's popup preview.
    • Pressing Option+Return pastes the bin contents as plain text instead of rich text.
    • Pressing the Tab key lets you choose a script to run on the selected clipping.
    • Using the "switch to set..." hotkey makes the cursor up/down keys work for selecting from the popup menu.
  • Fixed: Does not add duplicates any more for clippings from Word and Excel.
  • Fixed: No more crashes in Scriptable.SetError.
  • Fixed: Scripting can now determine the type of, and save, URL clippings.
  • Fixed: Scripting's Save command deletes any previously existing file so that it can be rewritten without error.

Version 5.2.3b7

  • Fixed: Prevents data loss when the Clippings database file is renamed or moved while iClip is using it.
  • Fixed: Dropbox synching.
  • Fixed: Various issues that could lead to crashes.

Version 5.2.3b6

  • New: Menu command "Open Default Clippings Database" reloads the default database if a different one is opened.
  • Improved: Better error recovery after iClip crashes.
  • Fixed: Solves a few more rare issues around Dropbox support.
  • Fixed: Copied web content from Chrome shows non-ASCII text correctly.
  • Fixed: Using the menu command "Reveal Clippings Database" works reliably again.

Version 5.2.3b5

  • New: Action Scripts can now be run with Hot Clicks.

Version 5.2.3b4

  • New: Text, images, files and other data can now be dropped onto the iClip icon in the menu bar to add it to the current Clip Set. That's the same behavior as dropping data onto the [+] button in the iClip window.
  • Fixed: Pasting from bins is working again after adding new clippings to previously empty bins.
  • Fixed: Pages 6 (for macOS 10.12 Sierra) compatibility.
  • Fixed: LibreOffice: Pasting doesn't keep using the last copied content any more.
  • Fixed: Dropbox support: Stops constantly reloading the clippings between multiple computers.
  • Fixed: Hot Clicks can now use the Ctrl key again.
  • Fixed: Non-fatal errors do not write a crashlog file any more so that a relaunch won't incorrectly alert the user of a former crash.