Version 5.2.6b3

  • Fixed: Old style PICT images appear again in the bins, instead of just showing a"?".
  • Fixed: After a display change (GPU switch) the iClip buttons don't become unresponsive any more.

Version 5.2.6b2

  • Fixed: The Bin buttons work again (got broken in beta 1).
  • Fixed: Handoff (Pasteboard sharing between iOS and Macs) clips are not added to iClip any more (this was supposed to happen already in 5.2.5 but didn't).

Version 5.2.6b1

  • New: Hot Key "Invoke Hot Key Operation" opens a menu from which any of the available Hot Key functions can be chosen.
  • New: Hot Key "Disable/Enable Hot Keys" deactivates all Hot Keys (exception: This and "Invoke Hot Key Operation" remain active). Can also be turned on/off from the Menu bar's iClip icon when ctrl-clicking on it.
  • New: Hidden Pref "Hotkey Copy/Paste: Keys Mask" controls which keys are used by iClip during Hot Key Copy & Paste mode. Add the following values to deactivate: 1 (cursor keys), 2 (scroll keys), 4 (special keys such as Esc, Delete, Spc, Tab), 8 (Return and Enter).
  • Fixed: Pasting into Matlab works more reliably.
  • Fixed: PowerCADD clips show a proper image instead of "?" in the bin.
  • Fixed: During Hot Key Copy & Paste, Page up/down keys move the bins correctly to the next page.