Version 5.5.6b4

  • Fix: Copied Finder Alias files do not appear as plain text any more.
  • Fix: Copied files that contain backslashes ("\") work again.
  • Fix: The Preferences window has the correct height again on recent macOS versions.
  • Fix: Emojis on Japanese systems appear correctly in bins again.

Version 5.5.6b3

  • More fixes over 5.5.6b2 for MS Office and LibreOffice Copy & Paste operations:
    • No more duplicate clips in iClip when copying from Word.
    • LibreOffice doesn't turn text into Bookmarks any more when Copying.

Version 5.5.6b2

  • Major overhaul of handling MS Office and LibreOffice Copy & Paste operations. If you use Word, Excel, PowerPoint or LibreOffice, please make a few tests and let me know if anything doesn't work as expected!

Version 5.5.6b1

  • New: If you copy an image file (png, jpeg etc.), iClip will now show a preview of the image in the bin and in the pop-up preview window.