Version 5.5.5b13

  • Fixes a rare "Key not found" crash.
  • If there are no more issues reported, this will be released soon as an non-beta update.

Version 5.5.5b12

  • Reduced iClip's Energy Impact even more when idle.

Version 5.5.5b11

  • Reduced iClip's Energy Impact significantly when idle.

Version 5.5.5b10

  • Holding down the option key when selecting a Script from a bin's gear menu will now open the script's source code in its designated editor instead of running the script.

Version 5.5.5b9

  • Fixes pasting into LibreOffice.

Version 5.5.5b8

  • Adds Hot Key "Paste plain text from next bin".
  • The Hot Keys "Paste from next bin" and "Paste plain text from next bin" now also work if you didn't explicitly paste from or copy into a specific bin, and they'll then paste from the latest Recorder clipping. This makes it possible copy formatted text and paste it back into an app, keeping the current formatting by using the Hot Key "Paste plain text from next bin".
  • Fixes pasting into Office programs, mainly Word.
  • You can now prevent bin and pop-up previews for specific Clip Sets and individual Clippings via Scripting (see suppressPreview).
  • The Manage Clip Sets window now shows the Recorder as well.
  • Fixes a bug where previews of images might show nothing in the bin.
  • Fixes a bug where changes to an HTML flavor were not noticed by iClip.
  • Fixes a bug where using Copy while editing a clipping's name led to confused bin contents.

Version 5.5.5b5

  • Various performance improvements and minor bug fixes.

Version 5.5.5b4

  • iClip now runs natively on the new Apple Silicon (M1) Macs.
  • If you create a Clip Set named "Find", then this set will automatically record the system's Find pasteboard, i.e. if you use the Find command in a program, the search text will get recorded by iClip (some Mac apps may not support this, though).
  • Fixes a scripting issue around fetching all flavors of a clip item.
  • All communication over the internet with, e.g. for update checks, will now use the safer https instead of the http protocol.
  • When holding down the command key while the mouse is over a bin's Paste button, the (T->T) cursor badge will appear in all cases where plain text can be pasted. Before this change, it only appeared if the clipping contained rich text.
  • Please note: The iClip database cannot be stored on Google Drive on macOS Monterey or later any more. If you need to share your clippings between multiple Macs, please use a different cloud sharing service, such as OneDrive or Dropbox.

Version 5.5.5b2

  • Adds hidden pref "Hotkey Paste automatic pop-up preview" (boolean) to auto-press Space (for showing the pop-up preview window) when using Hotkey Paste.
  • Fixes a crash than could occasionally occur when viewing Styled Text.

Version 5.5.5b1

  • Can now define apps that prevent the "Automatically Show and Hide" option. This is an array of bundle ID strings with the key "Apps preventing Auto Show", settable with Prefs Editor.